Smartphone integration

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are systems that allow you to connect your smartphone to your car's infotainment system and access some of your phone's features on the car's display.

They are designed to make it easier and safer for you to use your phone while driving, without having to touch your phone or look away from the road.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have some similarities and differences, such as:

  • They both require a compatible smartphone and a compatible car or aftermarket head unit. You can check the compatibility of your phone and car on their respective websites.

  • They both offer features such as hands-free calling, messaging, navigation, music streaming, podcasts, audiobooks, and voice assistants. They also support some third-party apps, such as Spotify, WhatsApp, Waze, etc.

  • They both can be connected via a USB cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, wireless connectivity is not widely available for either system, and it depends on the car model or head unit. Most cars and head units still require a wired connection for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

  • They have different user interfaces and voice assistants. Android Auto uses Google Assistant and has a dark theme with Google’s Material Design. Apple CarPlay uses Siri and has a light theme with Apple’s iOS design.

  • They have different preferences and limitations for some features. For example, Android Auto allows you to use Google Maps or Waze for navigation, while Apple CarPlay only supports Apple Maps by default (although you can use other navigation apps as well). Apple CarPlay allows you to use iMessage or WhatsApp for messaging, while Android Auto only supports SMS or WhatsApp.

Kia EV6 with Apple Car Play

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are systems that aim to improve your driving experience by integrating your smartphone with your car’s infotainment system. They offer similar features but have different designs and functionalities. Depending on your phone model and car model, you may prefer one system over the other, or you may be able to use both systems interchangeably

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