Last modified: Mar 31, 2024


Most EVs offer a navigation system as part of their infotainment system.

The navigation system offer drivers various functions and features that help them plan their trips, find their destinations, and access relevant information and services along the way.

Mercedes EQS Navigation system

Built-in navigation systems in EVs are especially designed to meet the needs and preferences of electric vehicle drivers, such as finding and using charging stations, optimizing battery range and efficiency, and enhancing the overall driving experience.

How do built-in navigation systems in EVs work?

Built-in navigation systems in EVs work by combining various technologies and data sources, such as:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) and other satellite-based positioning systems that provide accurate location and time information for the EV.

  • Maps and traffic data that provide detailed information on roads, landmarks, speed limits, traffic conditions, and other relevant factors for route planning and navigation.

  • Cloud-based services that provide real-time updates on charging station availability, prices, reservation options, and other services.

  • On-board sensors and software that monitor the battery status, driving behavior, vehicle condition, and environmental factors that affect the EV's range and efficiency.

  • User interface and voice control that allow drivers to interact with the navigation system and access various functions and settings.

Built-in navigation systems in EVs typically offer two modes of operation: online and offline. Online mode uses a data connection to access cloud-based services and provide the most up-to-date information and features. Offline mode uses the on-board maps and software to provide basic navigation functions when there is no data connection available.

What are some features of built-in navigation systems in EVs?

Built-in navigation systems in EVs offer various features that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of electric vehicle drivers, such as:

Route planning with charging

The route planning feature is one of the most significant feature. Adding the destination most systems will then suggest a route with the needed charge stops for most efficient travel. It will typical show information about expected charge level on arrivel at the different chargers and how much you need to charge at each location. Drivers can often filter the charging stations according to different criteria, such as operator, connector type, power level, or amenities.

BMW i4 navigation system suggesting different routes

The navigation system can often suggest optimal charging stops along the route based on the driver's preferences, and traffic conditions.

BMW i4 navigation system preferences

On some models you are able to plan the route on the mobile app and then transfer the route directly to the car.

Charging station reservation and payment

The navigation system can help drivers reserve a charging spot in advance to avoid waiting times or queues. Drivers can also use the navigation system to pay for the charging service using their preferred payment method or account.

Range optimization and eco-driving

The navigation system can help drivers optimize their battery range and efficiency by suggesting the best routes, driving modes, and regenerative braking settings. The navigation system can also provide feedback on the driver's driving behavior and offer tips on how to improve their eco-driving skills.

Personalized recommendations and points of interest

The navigation system can help drivers make the most of their time while their EV is charging by offering personalized recommendations and points of interest based on their personal preferences, location, destination, or calendar events. These can include restaurants, shops, attractions, or activities that drivers can enjoy while waiting for their EV to charge.

Voice control and integration

The navigation system can be controlled by voice commands to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The navigation system can also be integrated with other vehicle features, such as climate control, entertainment system, or digital assistant.

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