Ford Mustang Mach-E GT range & consumption

Here you find all details about range and consumption for Ford Mustang Mach-E GT.

The range will vary depending on several factors. Like how fast you drive, the temperature, wet or dry road, and the equipped equipment. On this page, you will find a diagram and tables with the standard test cycle results like WLTP and EPA and estimated real-world range in different environments.

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Official test cycle results

Below are the officially rated ranges. The tests are performed with the heating/AC turned off. Click on the links in the table for more details about test procedures.

WLTP-combined basic trim490 km / 304mi18,78kWh/100km / 3,3 mi/kWh
WLTP-combined top trim490 km / 304mi18,78 kWh/100km / 3,3 mi/kWh

Official test cycle results with added heating

The table below shows how turning on heating/cooling on a cold/hot day affects the official range.

WLTP-combined basic trim with 2KW AC399km /248 mi-18,6%
WLTP-combined top trim with 2KW AC399km /248 mi-18,6%

Real world range estimates

The table below shows some estimated real-world examples in perfect condition and in conditions needing A/C to heat or cool vehicles.

90kmh/56mph perfect condition484km /301mi19 kWh/100km / 3,3 mi/kWh
90kmh/56mph with 2KW heating445km /277mi20,7 kWh/100km / 3,0 mi/kWh
70mph/112kmh perfect condition438km /272mi21 kWh/100km / 3,0 mi/kWh
70mph/112kmh with 2KW heating653km /406mi22,7 kWh/100km / 2,7 mi/kWh
120kmh/75mph perfect condition354km /220mi26 kWh/100km / 2,4 mi/kWh
120kmh/75mph with 2KW heating536km /333mi27,7 kWh/100km / 2,2 mi/kWh