Last modified: Oct 28, 2023

EV Search

EVKX offers the most comprehensive search for EVs available online. This guide guides you on how to get the most out of this feature.

The search lets you order the EVs in various technical and functional aspects. In addition, you can filter the result based on your criteria.

Below, you see the sort orders and filters available.


Below you see details about the different sort orders EVKX EV database offers.

Brand & Model

This sort order is the default sort order. We base the result on the manufacturer’s and model’s names.

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WLTP Range base trim

This sort order sorts the models based on the specific WLTP range for the base trim for the model. Models with the longest range are listed first. Not all models have a WLTP rating.

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WLTP Consumption base trim

This sort order sorts models based on the consumption for the WLTP cycle

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Usable battery

This sorts models based on the usable (net) battery size. To versions with two sorting


This sort order sort models based on the max power. From large to small.

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Top speed

This sort order sorts the EV models based on rated top speed (V-MAX) From large to small.

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Max DC Charging

This sorts models based on the rated MAX DC Charging speed.

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The Average charging speed

The average charging speed defines how long a charging session lasts. You can sort on three different averages.


This sort order sorts models based on acceleration time 0 - 100km/h (0-60 mph)

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Calculated 1000 km challenge

Made famous by Bjørn Nyland and his 1000km driving tests, where he starts with a full battery and times how long it takes to drive 1000km in 120km/h (75mph). Typical, this includes several charging sessions, and the result depends on the model’s charging speed and energy consumption since the driving speed is the same.

EVKX offers a theoretical result for all models based on charging curve and consumption. While the theoretical result comes close to the real-world result for most models, the real-world tests often show how inconsistent charging performance caused by overheating or other limitations can negatively affect the outcome.

If there is a model that can do 1000km without charging, it could drive this distance in 500 minutes. So any time over 500 minutes in the result is time lost for charging.

Travel speed

Sorting on travel speed is considering how fast a model can drive if you include optimal charging speed and consumption.

Higher consumption requires more charging. Faster charging means shorter charging stops. All affect the average driving speed.

We offer sorting for two scenarios: Driving the WLTP cycle (46.5 km/h) and driving 120km/h.

Nominal voltage

This sort order sorts the models based on the models nominal voltage

See models sorted on battery nomal voltage High > low

Loading capacity

The loading capacity varies a lot between the models. EVKX sorts the models based on some essential specifications.

Ground clearance

This sort orders focus on the ground clearance

Size & Weight

The database lets you sort on different size and weight specifications.

10% challenge

Made famous by the 10% challenge from Kyle Connor and his Out of Spec channel on YouTube, EVKX offers two sorts of models around the scenario that on road trips, drivers will charge their EV when the state of charge reaches around 10% and will want to charge a given time after he had time to stretch his legs, visiting a bathroom and maybe get something to eat.

Out of spec first 10% challenge was Tesla Model Y

Depending on charging speed and consumption, you can drive the car a distance before the next charging session. Higher charging speed and lower consumption reduced the number of charging sessions for a road trip.

Since people are different, we offer various lengths of charging sessions. While others prefer a quick stop of 10 minutes, others would rather have a longer stop to reduce the number of charging sessions.

Driving distance added in charging session

Energy charged


The EV database offer various filters that can let you set requiremenst a car need to fullfill to be listed.

The most common filters are on top while you find a lot of others under advanced filters.


You can select on or many brands

Paint Color

You can select which colors the model needs to be offered. On or many colors could be set

Seat configuration

You can filter the models based on the seat configuration.

Ev Type

You can filter on EV types.

Drivetrain filters

You can filter on different drive train features. Both in combination and seperate. Examples:

Adas filters

EVS get more and more Advanced Driver Assist systems (ADAS). In our EVKX database you can filter on the ADAS systems you require

Most sold EVs globaly

Below, you find the top 10 most-sold EV models in the world. Click on the name for full info.