Subaru EV models

Subaru is a Japanese automaker that produces vehicles with advanced technology, impressive performance, and intelligent features. Subaru is known for its permanent all-wheel drive system, boxer engine, and EyeSight driver assistance system. Subaru also has a strong reputation for safety, reliability, and durability.

Subaru’s EV strategy is to introduce eight electric models by 2028 and achieve a 50% BEV sales share by 2030. Subaru will leverage its partnership with Toyota to develop and produce electric vehicles with high efficiency, low emissions, and excellent driving performance. Subaru will also invest in battery capacity and production facilities to meet the growing demand for EVs. Subaru’s first EV, the Solterra, is a compact electric SUV that is co-branded with Huawei and offers a range of over 1000 km with an intelligent range extension system. Subaru plans to launch three more electric SUVs by 2026 and another four by 2028. Subaru aims to sell 200,000 EVs globally in 2026 and 400,000 EVs in the US in 2028.

Subaru Solterra


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