Last modified: Feb 6, 2024

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Jaguar I-Pace Review: Still Worth It In 2024?

AutoTrader: 06.02.2024

2024 Jaguar I-Pace | Walk around & Drive

RybrookTV: 27.05.2023

2022 Jaguar I-Pace: InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test

InsideEvs: 20.03.2022


Fully Charged Show: 11.05.2021

Jaguar I-Pace with improved charging curve

Bjørn Nyland: 24.12.2020

Jaguar I-Pace 2021 SUV: In-depth review road test with Ginny Buckley

Electryfying: 16.06.2020

Jaguar I-Pace with 18 wheels range test

Bjørn Nyland: 18.09.2019

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