Last modified: Feb 29, 2024

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BMW i5 M60 acceleration and noise test

Bjørn Nyland: 27.01.2024

BMW i5, i4, Mercedes EQE and Tesla Model S charging comparison

Bjørn Nyland: 27.01.2024

BMW i5 M60 interior review

Bjørn Nyland: 25.01.2024

BMW i5 M60 headlights test

Bjørn Nyland: 24.01.2024

BMW i5 M60 banana box test

Bjørn Nyland: 21.01.2024

BMW i5 M60 X-Drive review. Why this EV will go down as BMW's biggest miss of 2024..

Harry's garage: 21.01.2024

2024 BMW 5 Series Review // Not What We Expected

Throttle House: 24.10.2023

NEW BMW i5 M60 Review: An Electric M5 With Too Much Tech?

AutoTrader: 23.10.2023

I Drive The BMW i5 For The First Time! The Sweet Spot In The Electric Sedan Market

Out of Spec Reviews: 02.10.2023

all-new 2024 BMW 5 Series premieres as BMW i5 M60!

Autogefühl: 24.05.2023

New BMW I5: The Electric 5 Series Takes SELFIES As You Driv

Autotrader: 24.05.2023

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