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Škoda Auto is a renowned automobile manufacturer with a rich history and a promising future in the automotive industry. Headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, Škoda has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a key player in the global market. This article explores Škoda’s historical milestones, production facilities, ownership, and ambitious strategy for electrification.

A Brief History

Škoda Auto’s origins date back to 1895, when Václav Laurin and Václav Klement founded Laurin & Klement in Mladá Boleslav. Initially focused on producing bicycles, the company quickly transitioned to manufacturing motorcycles and, by 1905, had ventured into the automobile industry. The early 20th century saw Laurin & Klement become a notable name in the burgeoning car market.

In 1925, Laurin & Klement merged with the Škoda Works, an industrial conglomerate, and rebranded as Škoda Auto. This merger marked the beginning of a new era, with Škoda becoming a prominent name in the European automotive landscape. The company was nationalized after World War II and remained state-owned until the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

The pivotal moment in Škoda’s modern history came in 1991, when the Volkswagen Group acquired a stake in the company. By 2000, Volkswagen had become the full owner, integrating Škoda into its vast portfolio of automotive brands. This acquisition brought significant investment and technological advancements, propelling Škoda to new heights.

Production Facilities

Škoda Auto’s primary production facilities are located in the Czech Republic, with major plants in:

  • Mladá Boleslav: The headquarters and main manufacturing plant, producing a wide range of Škoda models.
  • Kvasiny: Specializes in producing larger models, including SUVs.
  • Vrchlabí: Focuses on producing transmissions and other components.

Beyond its Czech homeland, Škoda has established international production sites to meet global demand. These facilities are located in:

  • India
  • China
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine

This global footprint allows Škoda to serve a diverse range of markets and maintain a strong international presence.


Škoda Auto is wholly owned by the Volkswagen Group, one of the world’s largest and most influential automotive conglomerates. This ownership has provided Škoda with access to cutting-edge technology, extensive research and development resources, and a global distribution network. The synergy with Volkswagen has been instrumental in Škoda’s growth and success in recent decades.

Strategy for Electrification

As the automotive industry undergoes a transformative shift towards sustainability, Škoda Auto is at the forefront of this movement. The company has laid out an ambitious strategy for electrification, aligning with the Volkswagen Group’s broader commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting green mobility.

  • Electric Models: In 2020, Škoda launched the Enyaq iV, its first fully electric SUV. This model represents the beginning of Škoda’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup.
  • Future Plans: Škoda aims for 50-70% of its European sales to be fully electric by 2030. This target underscores the company’s dedication to transitioning to a sustainable future.
  • Investment: Significant investments are being made in EV technology, infrastructure, and sustainability initiatives. Škoda is focused on developing new electric models, improving battery technology, and expanding charging networks.
  • Platforms: The company is leveraging the Volkswagen Group’s MEB (Modular Electric Toolkit) platform to design and produce new electric vehicles. This platform allows for versatile and efficient EV production, ensuring high quality and performance.

Škoda Auto’s commitment to electrification reflects a strategic vision that balances innovation, sustainability, and market demands. As the company continues to evolve, it remains poised to lead the charge in the global transition to electric mobility.

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