Last modified: Mar 3, 2024

Advanced driver-assistance systems

Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) technologies are designed to help drivers operate their vehicles more safely and efficiently. gives you details about the different systems in EVs.

Several types of advanced driver-assistance systems are available in modern cars, and each one works differently to improve driving performance and safety.

The most common systems are:

Level of autonomous driving

The level of autonomous driving, also known as the autonomy level, refers to the degree of automation and control a vehicle has over its operation.

Mercedes EQS with level 3 autonomous driving

There are six levels of autonomy defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that describe the increasing levels of automation and decreasing need for human input:

Level 0 - No Automation: The driver is responsible for all aspects of driving, including steering, braking, and accelerating.

Level 1 - Driver Assistance: The vehicle has some level of automation, such as adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning, but the driver is still responsible for most aspects of driving.

Level 2 - Partial Automation: The vehicle can control both steering and acceleration/deceleration under certain conditions, but the driver must remain attentive and ready to take control at any time.

Level 3 - Conditional Automation: The vehicle can handle most driving tasks under certain conditions, but the driver must still be prepared to take control when necessary.

Level 4 - High Automation: The vehicle can operate autonomously in certain driving conditions and scenarios, such as on highways or designated areas, but may still require human intervention.

Level 5 - Full Automation: The vehicle is fully autonomous and can operate in all driving conditions and scenarios without any human input or intervention.

It is important to note that many vehicles on the market today fall into levels 1-2 of autonomy, while levels 3-5 are still in the development and testing phases. Additionally, even vehicles with higher levels of autonomy may still require some level of human oversight and intervention in certain situations.

Currently it is only the Mercedes EQS that is approved on level 3 in some markeds.

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