Zeekr EV models

Zeekr is a new luxury electric vehicle (EV) brand launched by Geely Automobile in 2021. The brand aims to compete with Tesla and other high-end EV makers in China and beyond. Zeekr's EV strategy is based on four pillars design, technology, performance and customer experience.

Global expansion: Zeekr has ambitious plans to expand its presence in the global EV market. The brand announced in June 2023 that it has opened orders for two of its luxury SUVs, the 001 and the 009, in Sweden and the Netherlands. Zeekr said that it will open its flagship stores in Stockholm and Amsterdam by the end of the year. The brand also said that it intends to enter other key markets in Europe in 2023, where it hopes to create value in the world’s most mature automotive markets. Zeekr has not yet revealed its plans for entering the US market, but it could be a possibility in the future.

Zeekr is one of the latest entrants in the competitive EV industry, but it has a strong backing from Geely, one of China’s largest automakers. Zeekr hopes to leverage its design, technology, performance and customer experience advantages to attract customers who are looking for premium and intelligent EVs. Zeekr also has a global vision that could challenge established players like Tesla in the near future..

Zeekr 001


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Zeekr X


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