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Toyota bZ4X charging test after software update

Bjørn Nyland: 27.05.2023

Toyota bZ4X range test with new software

Bjørn Nyland: 26.05.2023

The Toyota bZ4X AWD Sets A New Low Record In Our 10% EV Road Trip Challenge

Out of Spec Reviews: 25.05.2023

Toyota bZ4X 1000 km challenge

Bjørn Nyland: 09.03.2023

Toyota bZ4X interior review & door slamming disco

Bjørn Nyland: 07.03.2023

Toyota bZ4X AWD range test

Bjørn Nyland: 06.03.2023

Toyota bZ4X banana box test

Bjørn Nyland: 04.03.2023

Toyota bZ4X driving REVIEW with AWD and winter range test!

Autogefühl: 11.01.2023

Toyota bZ4X Active Tech test - vi kjører den Beyond Zero!

Nybiltester: 26.11.2022

2023 Toyota bZ4X AWD Charge Curve Test: How Slow is Too Slow?

EV Pulse: 09.06.2022

DC Fast Charging The Toyota bZ4X From 0-100% Is An Exercise In Patience! (AWD 72.8kWh CATL Battery)

Out of Spec Reviews: 30.04.2022

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