Rolls-Royce EV models

Rolls Royce is a British luxury car maker that is known for its high-end vehicles and bespoke craftsmanship. The company has recently announced that it will go all-electric by 2030, following the trend of other automakers that are committed to the decarbonisation of the transport sector.

Rolls Royce’s EV strategy is based on three pillars: delivering on its commitments, maximising value from existing capabilities, and seizing opportunities for growth. The company aims to capitalise on its long-term customer relationships, its cutting-edge technologies, its system solutions, and its brand and heritage. It also plans to grow its capabilities in sustainable power, harness new digital technologies, and create new business opportunities.

The company’s first EV will be the Spectre coupé, which is expected to debut in 2023. It will be followed by all-electric successors to the current Cullinan SUV, Ghost saloon and Phantom limousine. The company has not revealed much details about the technical specifications or the design of its future EVs, but it has said that they will retain the core values of Rolls Royce: effortless performance, refined luxury, and uncompromised quality.

Rolls-Royce Spectre


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