Last modified: Feb 29, 2024

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MG4 64 kWh 1000 km challenge

Bjørn Nyland: 21.06.2023

MG4 64 kWh vs Tesla Model 3 and VW ID3 charging battle

Bjørn Nyland: 20.06.2023

MG4 64 kWh range test

Bjørn Nyland: 20.06.2023

Can A Cheap EV Be GOOD? | MG4 Review

Autotrader: 03.12.2022

The MG 4 is the BEST car I've driven all year!

carwow: 11.10.2022

MG4 EV REVIEW - the best budget electric vehicle?

Autogefühl: 11.10.2022

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