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Li Auto MEGA specifications gives you the full specifications for Li Auto MEGA.

Li Auto MEGA seeks to have the most complete specifications for Li Auto MEGA. Click on image above for full article, visit the image gallery for high-res images of Li Auto MEGA, visit the chargeinfo for Li Auto MEGA with chargecurve, vist extended range info for real world ranges.


Peak power400 KW (544 hp /536 bhp)
Electrical torque output542 nm (400 ft-lb)
Top speed190 kph (118 mph)
0-100km/h (0-62 mph)5,5 s

Range & Consumption

Below you see the offical range info. Visit our extended range info for detailed real world range examples. Visit our Range Guide to see what affects range and how the offical range values are measured.

Basic trim CLTC range710 km
Basic trim CLTC consumption14,1 kWh/100km

Battery & Charging

Battery gross102,7 kWh
Battery net100 kWh
Max DC charging520 kW
Number of modules17
Pack Configuration198s1p
Nominal voltage370
Cathode MaterialsNMC811


Chargeport placementLeftRearSide
Type chargeport EuropeCCS2
Type chargeport North AmericaCCS1
Type chargeport ChinaGBT
Type chargeport JapanCHAdeMO
Type chargeport Oceania (Australia, New Zealand ++)CCS2


Length5350 mm (210,6")
Height1850 mm (72,8")
Width excluding mirrors1965 mm (77,4")
Wheelbase3300 mm (129,9")
Drag coefficient0,215

Cargo Capacity and Towing Ability

Curb weight2763 kg (6091 lbs)
Maximum total weight3400 kg (7496 lbs)
Maximum load including weight driver637 kg (1404 lbs)
Trunk capacity1054 liter (37 cu-ft)
Trunk capacity with third row seats folded1800 liter (64 cu-ft)
Size frunk32 liter (1 cu-ft)


Adaptive suspensionYes, standard equipment
Adjustable damping frontYes, standard equipment
Adjustable damping rearYes, standard equipment
Adjustable height frontYes, standard equipment
Adjustable height rearYes, standard equipment
Max ground clearance192 mm (7,6")
Minimum ground clearance162 mm (6,4")
Damper type frontElectronicallyControlled
Damper type rearElectronicallyControlled
Spring type frontAir
Spring type rearAir
Suspension type frontDouble wishbone suspension
Suspension type rearMulti-link



Front seats


Seat typeDriver and Passenger Seat
Seat depth adjustmentStandard feature
Seat height adjustmentStandard feature
Backrest angle adjustmentStandard feature
Interior.Seatoptions.SeatCushionAngleAdjustmentStandard feature
Electric adjustment of height, recline and angleUnknown
Memory driver seatUnknown
Memory passenger seatUnknown
Height adjustable headrestStandard feature
Length adjustable headrestUnknown
Adjustable thigh supportNot Available
Backrest side bolster adjustmentStandard feature
Seat cushion side bolster adjustementUnknown
Electric adjustable thigh supportNot Available
Footrest passengersStandard feature
Leg support passengerStandard feature
Electric lumbar adjustmentStandard feature
Seat ventilationStandard feature
Massage functionStandard feature

Second row seats

Seat typeTwoCaptainChairs
Height adjustable headrestUnknown
Length adjustable headrestUnknown
Adjustable thigh supportUnknown
Backrest side bolster adjustmentUnknown
Seat cushion side bolster adjustementUnknown
Electric adjustable thigh supportUnknown
Footrest passengersUnknown
Leg support passengerStandard feature
Electric lumbar adjustmentStandard feature
Seat ventilationStandard feature
Massage functionStandard feature

Driver Assistance

Lane keepingYes, standard equipment
Lane departure warning
Drowsiness Alert
Reversing cameraYes, standard equipment
360 cameraYes, optional equipment
Rear cross traffic alertYes (BLIS Cross Traffic Alert), standard equipment
Rear parking sensorsYes, standard equipment
Front parking sensorsYes, standard equipment
Side parking sensorsYes, optional equipment
Hill descent assistYes, standard equipment
Hill start assistYes, standard equipment
AntiLock Braking System
Automatic emergency brakingYes, standard equipment
Brake assistYes, standard equipment
Traction controlYes, standard equipment
Left turn crash avoidance
Forward Collision WarningYes, standard equipment
Electronic stability controlYes, standard equipment
Temperature warningYes, standard equipment
Cross traffic assist
Speed limiter
Efficiency assistYes, standard equipment
Automatic Emergency Steering
Traffic Sign Recognition
Night Vision

UI and controls

Head-up displayYes, standard equipment
Voice controlYes, standard equipment
Gesture control
Android Auto supportYes, standard equipment
Apple Carplay supportYes, standard equipment
In Car navigationYes, standard equipment
Available screen layouts1
Digital driver displayNot available
Infotainment screenYes, 15,7"
Front passenger Infotainment screenYes, 15,7"
Rear passenger Infotainment screenYes, 15,7"

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