Last modified: Feb 28, 2024

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Least & Most Efficient Kia EV9s Compared! Don’t Expect That Much More Range On RWD

Out of Spec Reviews: 26/02/2024

The Kia EV9 is Surprisingly Good!

Auto Focus: 24/02/2024

Kia EV9 GT-Line range test

Bjørn Nyland: 11/02/2024

Kia eV9 LED matrix headlights test

Bjørn Nyland: 11/02/2024

Kia EV9 acceleration and noise test

Bjørn Nyland: 10/02/2024

Kia EV9 banana box test

Bjørn Nyland: 10/02/2024

Kia EV9 charging test at Ionity

Bjørn Nyland: 09/02/2024

New Kia EV9 review: Cancel your Range Rover!

carwow: 06/02/2024

Kia EV9 AWD | Long Trip Test

Kris Rifa: 16/01/2024

Kia EV9 AWD | Range Test @120KPH (75MPH)

Kris Rifa: 08/01/2024

The Kia EV9 Will Be A Great Road Tripper! 10% Challenge w/ This Electric SUV (GT-Line 99.8kWh)

Out of Spec Reviews: 31/12/2023

I Drove So Far Below 0% In This Kia EV9 70-MPH Highway Range Test! GT-Line AWD 99.8kWh

Out of Spec Reviews: 30/12/2023

Game Over! I Drive The Fantastic Kia EV9 Electric SUV For The First Time

Out of Spec Reviews: 29/12/2023

Test av Kia EV9 - er du klar for en Kia til en million kroner?

Norsk elbilforeningen: 24/11/2023

Kia EV9 test drive and range test

Bjørn Nyland: 24/11/2023

Kia EV9 6-seater interior review

Bjørn Nyland: 24/11/2023


Kris Rifa: 24/11/2023

Kia EV9: A Spaceship With Seven Seats!

Fully Charged Show: 08/11/2023

Kia EV9 GT-Line driving REVIEW electric 7-seater vs 6-seater

Autogefühl: 08/11/2023

FIRST DRIVE: All-new KIA EV9: Has Kia’s seven-seater won the space race?

Electrifying: 08/11/2023

Is the Kia EV9 the best full-size EV SUV?

Autogefühl: 30/05/2023

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