Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1 is an all-electric crossover with a WLTP range of up to 412 km (256 miles). have all the details.

Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1

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The Honda e:Ny1 has a maximum power of 150KW (204hp). The total torque is 310nm. The 0-100km/h sprint (0-62mph) takes 7,7 seconds. The top speed is 160 km/h.

Battery, range, and charging

The battery has a gross capacity of 68,8kWh and a net capacity of 61,9kWh, meaning you have a 6,9kWh buffer for protection. (10,0%).

The WLTP range is 412 km (256 mi). The consumption is 15,0kWh/100km for the WLTP standard test. For more details about the range, see real-world data and range listing on this model’s range and consumption page.

The maximum DC charging speed is kW. A full charge from 0 - 100% would take 119 minutes, while a more common scenario of 10-80% would take 77 minutes. If you assume you lose 5 minutes driving per charge stop in addition to the charge time, the optimum charge area is from 0% to 39% resulting in an actual charge speed including time loss on 36kW. Each charge session would take 40 minutes and 44 seconds.

Onboard charger

Charge port

The location of the charge port is on the front. This makes it easy for charge stations where you need to park with the front in. The connector types vary between the different markets. This model uses CCS Combo 1 for North America and for Europe, CCS Combo 2. See full specifications for all markets.



The suspension has a fixed height and damping. The ground clearance with this suspension is 140 mm.



You can choose between 1 different paint colors when ordering this model.

There is only one roof for this model.

Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1


First row seats

Only one front seat type is available in the Honda e:Ny1.

The following functionalities are available on the **** seat.

Second-row seat

The second row has a standard three-seat bench with a split where you can fold each section separately to increase the cargo space. In addition, the following functionalities are available.

There is only one type of steering wheel available.

Climate system

There is one climate system available.


Honda e:Ny1 has several features to make your life as a driver or passenger more comfortable.

User interface and control

Honda e:Ny1 has multiple integrated screens. Behind the steering wheel is a digital instrument cluster, and in the center console, there is one infotainment screen at the top of the center console. The screen behind the steering wheel integrated into the dashboard is 9 inches large. The touch screen at the top of the center console is 15,2 inches large.

Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1


One type of sound system is available for the Honda e:Ny1. With the , you get NULL speakers with a max system output of watts.


Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1

Advanced driver assistance systems

The Honda e:Ny1 has several standard and optional advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for better safety and comfort.

Safety systems

Driving Automation

With the standard system the model offers no driving automation.

Cargo Capacity and Towing Ability

The cargo capacity in the trunk is 346 liters. Max weight is 2080kg, and with the base weight of 1677 kg, you can max load 403 kg, including driver and passengers. Some options can increase the base weight and reduce the max loading weight.

This model is not available with a towbar. So if you need to pull a trailer, you must look at other models.

Honda e:Ny1

Honda e:Ny1