Ford F150 Lightning Extended Range range & consumption

Here you find all details about range and consumption for Ford F150 Lightning Extended Range.

The range will vary depending on several factors. Like how fast you drive, the temperature, wet or dry road, and the equipped equipment. On this page, you will find a diagram and tables with the standard test cycle results like WLTP and EPA and estimated real-world range in different environments.

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Official test cycle results

Below are the officially rated ranges. The tests are performed with the heating/AC turned off. Click on the links in the table for more details about test procedures.

EPA-combined minimum trim515km / 320 mi25,4 kWh/100km / 2,4 mi/kWh
EPA-combined top trim483km /300mi27,1 kWh/100km / 2,3 mi/kWh

Official test cycle results with added heating

The table below shows how turning on heating/cooling on a cold/hot day affects the official range.

EPA-combined basic trim with 2KW AC274km /170 mi-14,4%
EPA-combined top trim with 2KW AC259km /161 mi-13,7%

Real world range estimates

The table below shows some estimated real-world examples in perfect condition and in conditions needing A/C to heat or cool vehicles.

90kmh/56mph perfect condition468km /291mi28 kWh/100km / 2,2 mi/kWh
90kmh/56mph with 2KW heating442km /275mi29,7 kWh/100km / 2,1 mi/kWh
70mph/112kmh perfect condition421km /262mi31,1 kWh/100km / 2,0 mi/kWh
70mph/112kmh with 2KW heating644km /400mi32,8 kWh/100km / 1,9 mi/kWh
120kmh/75mph perfect condition397km /247mi33 kWh/100km / 1,9 mi/kWh
120kmh/75mph with 2KW heating608km /378mi34,7 kWh/100km / 1,8 mi/kWh