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EV Reviewers

The internet has made car reviews so much better than before. On TV, you might get a 2-3 minute review for a specific model in some Car show, but with youtube and online reviews, you can get hours of materials for each EV model. has some favorite reviewers that give you the best EV reviews.

Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn Nyland

Bjørn Nyland is a Norwegian electric vehicle enthusiast and YouTuber who has gained a following for his long-distance tests of electric vehicles. He runs his channel from Jessheim, Norway where he lives with his familiy close to the highway always ready for EV testing.

He is known for his thorough and objective reviews of EVs, often testing them in extreme conditions and documenting his experiences in videos that are informative and entertaining.

Bjørn has been interested in electric vehicles since 2011, when he started driving a converted electric Citroën Berlingo. In 2019 he set the world record for the longest distance driven in an electric vehicle in 24 hours. He has owned and tested numerous other electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y, as well as the Audi e-tron, Hyundai Kona Electric, and many others.

Bjørn’s YouTube channel, Bjørn Nyland, has over 306,000 subscribers, and he has become a respected authority on electric vehicles. His videos often feature detailed range tests, in which he drives an EV as far as possible on a single charge, as well as reviews of the latest EVs on the market. He also shares his experiences with charging infrastructure and offers tips for EV owners on how to get the most out of their vehicles. He shares his data here

Bjørn has a large suite of standard tests. Click on for playlists.

  • Charging test.
  • 1000km range test (how fast can the EV drive 1000km)
  • 1000km range test with trailer (how fast can the EV drive 1000km with trailer)
  • Banana box test.
  • Interior review
  • Range test in 90 and 120km/h.
  • Noise and accelration test.
  • Sunday driving test.
  • Zero mile test.
  • Battery degradation test.

Overall, Bjørn Nyland is a valuable contributor to the EV community, and his passion for electric vehicles and his dedication to sharing his experiences with others has helped to increase awareness and adoption of EVs around the world.

You can learn more about Bjørn Nyland in this podcast

Bjørn Nyland live stream many of his tests in his Teslabjorn Live channel. You can also track him on chargefinder

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Bjørn Nyland Teslabjorn Live

Out of spec Reviews

Out of spec Reviews

Out of Spec Reviews is a YouTube channel that focuses on reviewing electric vehicles and highlighting their capabilities beyond what is typically advertised by manufacturers. The channel is run by Kyle Conner and his team, who are passionate about EVs and adventure travel.

On Out of Spec Reviews, you can expect to find in-depth reviews of a variety of electric vehicles. Out of Spec Reviews has a large suite of standard tests. Click on for playlists.

  • Charging test.
  • First Drives.
  • In-depth review covering the interior, exterior, drivetrain, and options
  • 70Mph motorway range test.
  • 10% challenge. How far can you drive after 15 minutes of charging from 10%? See the calculated result in our database.
  • ADAS Test. Testing Advanced driver assist systems

The channel also covers other EV-related content, such as charging infrastructure, electric motorcycles, and even an electric airplane.

Overall, Out of Spec Reviews provides a unique perspective on electric vehicles and is a great resource for anyone interested in the EV space. Out of Spec Reviews is also the only channel that does systematic tests of Advance Driver Assist Systems.

Out of Spec Reviews is run by Kyle Connor and Out Spec Studios from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. He often starts his tests from this Chargepoint They even have their own DC Charger at CSU Powerhouse

They have several other EV-related channels. Kyle also joins the Batteries Included podcast that we recommend.

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Out of Spec Reviews Out of Spec Podcast Out of Spec Motoring



Autogefühl is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on providing in-depth, detailed reviews of cars and providing automotive news and updates. The channel is known for its comprehensive and objective reviews, covering various aspects of a car’s performance, design, technology, and practicality. Autogefühl’s reviews are typically conducted by its host, Thomas Majchrzak, who has a background in automotive engineering and a passion for cars.

The Autogefühl channel was created in 2010 and is based in Germany. Over the years, it has gained a significant following for its high-quality content and unbiased approach to car reviews. The channel reviews a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, electric cars, and luxury cars, from various brands and segments. The reviews often include detailed driving impressions, interior and exterior walkthroughs, as well as assessments of the car’s features, safety, and practicality.

He has a separate channel also for only electric reviews.

Visit the Youtube Channel here

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Autogefühl OnlyElectric

State of Charge

State of Charge

State of Charge is a youtube channel that specialized in home charging equipment but do also cover testing of EVs. The channels is run by Tom Moloughney from North New Jersey, US

Tom Moloughney is also a senior editor for the electric vehicle news site, InsideEVs, and has been covering the plug-in vehicle industry since 2012.

Tom has a passion for electric vehicles and has owned several models, including the original Mini-E, the BMW Active-E, the BMW i3, and the Tesla Model 3. He has also worked with over 300 dealerships in the US to improve staff electric vehicle knowledge and train them on how to sell more EVs.

Tom is an expert on EV charging and has developed his own testing criteria and methods for evaluating home charging equipment and electric car range. He also conducts interviews with EV industry leaders and influencers, such as Rivian’s VP of Software and Lucid’s Chief Engineer. Tom’s goal is to educate and inform the public about the benefits and challenges of electric mobility and to promote the adoption of EVs. You can learn all about Tom in the below podcast.

Tom as a unique way to present content and his test of home chargers are does not have any competition.

He has a seperate site for EV Charging stations.

Highly recomended.

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Kris Rifa

Kris Rifa

As Bjørn Nyland, he is a Norwegian testing various models through some standard tests.

His tests are more accessible for people who do not need to understand every detail of EV technology.

He also gives a good overview of model options and features.

He has both a english and a norwegian speaking channel.

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Kris Rifa Jeg er Kris

Other notable mentions

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